How the FDA is Regulating E-Cigarettes

How the FDA is Regulating E-Cigarettes

The use of electronic cigarettes has been on the rise. This also means an increase in the number of manufacturers of ENDS products. What does that mean for these companies? Regulation.

Many requirements for the regulation of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) products have been put in place and as of June 2019. The compliance dates to meet many of these requirements have passed. That means the makers of all ENDS currently on the market should have at least met the following requirements.

  • Registering an establishment and submitting lists of products, including labeling and advertisements
  • Submitting tobacco health documents
  • Submitting ingredient listings
  • Including a required warning statement on packages and advertisements for ENDS

Many of these regulations will be applicable if you are considered a manufacturer of ENDS products.

If you:

  • Mix e-liquids
  • Make or modify any type of vaping device
  • Import tobacco products

Then you are a manufacturer.

The world of cGMP is fairly new to many of the small, local manufacturers of these ENDS products. Some will continue to grow as they embrace and adapt to these new challenges and welcome regulation. Others will fade and cease to exist.